To provide a forum for direct interaction among Users and OEM's on technical and other non-commercial
matters in an environment focused on open discussion and problem resolution.
GTUI Mission and Objectives
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Provide a clear benefit to the public; our target audience of User operations, maintenance, and technical
personnel; OEM representatives; and knowledge providers responsible for the procurement, system
design, application, operation, and maintenance of gas turbines in land and marine applications by:
Focus on the gas turbine end User by defining current issues affecting User's gas turbines and focusing
OEMs and Users clearly on technical solutions that extend overhaul intervals and better utilize gas
Provide a forum for Users and OEMs to exchange information and experience to improve the safety of
gas turbine operations; increase availability and reliability of gas turbines; and improve safety, emissions
and noise performance to minimize public impact.
Operate in a self funding, non-profit mode so as to maintain appropriate organizational independence.
Be governed in an open, representative manner by a Board of Directors with defined succession and
rotation policy.
The Mission of Gas Turbine Users International is to be the premiere non-profit international User forum in the gas
turbine industry for the exchange of technical and other non-commercial information between gas turbine Users and
the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's).
The Objectives of Gas Turbine Users International are:
GTUI Business Goals
GTUI recognizes that to be a successful non-profit organization in the current business environment the value of
information exchanged and gained at and through the GTUI must clearly exceed all costs to participate.

To make this happen, GTUI will:
Assisting our Users in information gathering and exchange,

Focused networking with fellow Users of like equipment,

Interaction with OEM suppliers in a technically focused venue,

Opportunity to meet and interact with industry experts.
Promote excellence in service to gas turbine Users by establishing a select Board of Advisors who will
monitor and report on the culture and health of the organization and its service to Users.

Recognize the evolution of the gas turbine industry and its User organizations by including knowledge
providers (consultants, engineering firms, etc) in GTUI membership although their attendance at certain
sessions may be restricted depending on membership class.
Recognize the contribution of Invited OEM organizations and address their legitimate concerns regarding
information management (including conflict of interest and preservation of intellectual property) without
infringing on needs of Users for current, accurate information.
Enable OEM organizations to play an active role in:
Manage the financial affairs of the GTUI in an auditable, traceable, transparent manner.
Operate in a fiscally responsible manner by charging appropriate membership fees, annual meeting
fees, offering sponsorships and other innovative techniques to minimize the financial burden on
attendees while precluding the potential for financial manipulation by any party.
Provide a forum for selected, invited technical papers of special interest to the gas turbine user
community. The Board of Directors will identify these topics and invite such authors.
To promote a professional, moderated venue for exchange of information between gas turbine Users and
OEM organizations.

Advising the GTUI of concerns of the OEM community,

Sponsoring certain yearly expenses of the annual event through direct contact with the
GTUI Vice President and OEM Liason Committee.
Involve segments of the gas turbine User community in this forum in a professional, unbiased manner to
share the groups gas turbine technical and non-commercial information and experience to improve the
safe and reliable operation of gas turbines for the benefit of the public and gas turbine Users.
Provide an annual forum for the convergence of Users and OEM's to exchange information.