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GTUI Anti-trust Policy
It is the intention of the Gas Turbine Users International (GTUI) that all activities conducted by its Board of Directors,
Committees, other working groups and member forums will be in conformance with all applicable Antitrust Laws.

Areas of particular concern include:
Any effort undertaken, whether expressed or implied, that could be considered to restrain trade or act as
a barrier to commerce to any individual or group of individuals will be avoided.
Meetings of members will be structured. There should be proper notification, agenda, and observance of
rules of procedure and minutes of the meeting. Adherence to the business items on the agenda will
avoid any appearance of conflict.
Members must take special care to avoid making statements or engaging in conduct prohibited by GTUI
policy and By-Laws. Should members have any doubt concerning the propriety of any matters under
discussion at such meetings, they must immediately announce their concerns and attempt to move the
discussion from these matters. Failing a corrective change in the discussion, they must then disassociate
themselves from the discussion and, if necessary, leave the meeting.
Members will coordinate all GTUI legal compliance issues through retained outside counsel as well as
confer with their individual in house counsels.
Responsibility for compliance rests with every member of GTUI, all invited Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM's);
and GTUI committees along with any invited guest(s) or participant(s). Suspected violations of this notice should be
communicated to your company representative or the responsible GTUI representative and/or any GTUI Board Member.